3D Rigger

What does a 3D Rigger do? 

The 3D Rigger is like the person who attaches strings on a puppet by taking the geometry supplied by the modeller and inserting joints and 3D deformers that will allow the animators to move their rig in the fastest, easiest and most satisfactory way.  

What type of person could be a good 3D Rigger? 

Often rigs come back from the animation department in need of repairs so Riggers need to be exceedingly patient and good at problem solving. This is detail-oriented work but extremely satisfying when it all comes together in a fully functional rig that animators can easily manipulate to get the best performance out of the character.    

How do I become a rigger? 

If you are interested in rigging, then try and get the industry leading software, Maya, and start building and rigging characters of your own. There is so much info out there on the internet to really get you started. The best Riggers have both skills in maths and an artistic background so don’t forget to keep drawing. Your rigs should both look nice, but also be technically proficient. Make sure your rig deforms beautifully during a basic calisthenics test and don’t forget the shoulders! Those are often a problem area and if those deform nicely, then that’s a good sign that you’re on the right track! 

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