What does a Producer do? 

The role of a Producer is to bring together an army of creatives to create moving art, on a deadline, while respecting a budget. A producer at Jam Filled helps the creatives on their team fight for the decisions they believe is right for the show. They manage production budgets as well as schedules. At the core of it, the thing they value most are the people, and so aim to support their team first. 

What type of person could be a good Producer? 

A great Producer is passionate, confident and has conviction to fight for their team. They should also be able to pivot at a moment’s notice because they are faced with hurdles every single day. As this a leadership position, having the ability to communicate with both artist and client clearly, concisely and respectfully is imperative.  

How do I become a Producer? 

Ideally, they would start out with an animation background, because knowing the pipeline and the mechanics of animation is important, but not essential. Generally, someone would start as a production assistant, learn all the various departments and how long it takes to design all the elements of a show and then work their way up to coordinator and eventually production manager and then producer. A love for animated TV and movies is a must. 

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