CG Supervisor

What does a CG Supervisor do? 

The CG Supervisor is responsible for establishing the technical direction of a show to meet artistic, budget, and scheduling requirements. This person first collaborates with the leadership team to assess the scope of the project. Following that, the CG Supervisor will maintain open communication with the show’s production team, provide hands-on troubleshooting for technical issues, and build a consensus between technology, artists, and production management to realize the director’s vision. The CG Supervisor will also oversee the project render. 

What type of person could be a good CG Supervisor? 

Being a CG Supervisor takes a certain type of person. It takes a leader with strong people skills, strong management skills, with a background in 3D animation and knowledge of multiple departments. A strong technical background is also very important.  

How do I become a CG Supervisor? 

To be a supervisor in any department you need a lot of industry experience. Being a CG Supervisor, it is essential to have a strong generalist background in 3D art and be knowledgeable in multiple positions in the field. An understanding of Maya is critical. 

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