3D FX Artist

What does a 3D FX Artist do? 

The 3D FX Artist creates non-animated effects such as water, smoke and fire. 2D effects are mostly hand-drawn and artist-driven while 3D is more technical and math-driven, which means that there is usually less artist control.  

What type of a person could be good at 3D FX?  

A 3D FX Artist is someone with strong maths skills, problem-solving skills, and is very patient. Effects break and must be fixed on a regular basis. They also need keen observation skills so they can spot elements in a scene that might defy the laws of gravity.  

How to I become a 3D FX artist? 

You need to get experienced in Maya and Houdini. Study the elements and their physics. Watch live action and animated shows that have CG FX in them. This will give you an idea of the kinds of things that are possible! 

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