3D Modeller

What does a 3D Modeller do? 

A 3D Modeller takes a 2D design and translates it into a CG model of the character or prop by sculpting mesh and then finally adding the necessary textures.  

What type of person could be a good 3D Modeller? 

A 3D Modeller needs to be very artistic and creative. They need to be someone who can expand on existing ideas and take direction well  

How do I become a 3D Modeller? 

Full knowledge of Maya and Z-Brush are essential to a career in 3D Modeling. Some people come from short-term animation courses, but others are self-taught online. Start simple by taking any 2D object and attempting to make a fully textured 3D model of it. Then as you learn, move onto more complex characters and props. 

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