3D Animator

What does a 3D Animator do? 

Much like in 2D animation, 3D Animators follow the storyboard and Leica for the acting and posing of the specific scene. They take the character created by the modeller and use the controllers designed by the rigger to bring the puppet to life.    

What type of person could be good at animation? 

A good Animator is a good actor and a keen observer of behaviour and emotion. BUT that doesn’t mean you have to BE an actor or even an extrovert for that matter. A very capable actor often lies deep inside even the quietest of people. Although you animate, it’s still essential to know how to draw. As Animators plan their scene, they often draw out poses.  

How do I become a 3D animator? 

Primarily, to be comfortable manipulating the characters, an animator should understand the principles of animation, such as timing, spacing, lip sync and acting. The tools (Maya) are secondary to the knowledge.

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