2D FX Artist

What does a 2D FX artist do? 

A classical 2D FX Artist will create special effects by drawing by hand on a tablet using Toon Boom software. A special effect is anything that is not character or prop-based such as fire, water, electricity, dust, soap suds, etc.  

What type of person could be a good 2D FX artist? 

Since FX is something that is hand drawn frame by frame, patience is essential. An FX Artist needs to be observant and understand natural elements like fire, water and light and have a good grasp of basic physics. A good sense of timing is essential.  

How do I become a 2D FX artist? 

Getting into FX can be tricky because there are very few courses that teach the skills. Most FX Artists complete basic animation training and then are self-taught after that. A good way to do that is to study animated movies for their FX and put them in slow motion. Watch them frame by frame and study how things move, dissipate, splash, blow, etc. Try something simple like making a candle flame animate. Oh…and also draw…lots of drawing. 

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