2D Animator

What does a 2D Animator do? 

An Animator is responsible for bringing the characters to life. They study their scene by watching the animatic and then use the builds (puppets) to make the characters act. They must become that character and understand their emotions and follow their appropriate personalities. While always respecting the character’s description, a good animator is encouraged to bring their own lived experience and personal flair to scenes in their own unique way. Filming your own live action reference is always fun!  

What type of person could be a good 2D animator? 

A good Animator is a good actor and a keen observer of behaviour and emotion. BUT that doesn’t mean you have to BE an actor or even an extrovert for that matter. A very capable actor often lies deep inside even the quietest of people. Although most of today’s pipelines use builds, it’s still essential to know how to draw.  

How do I become a 2D Animatior? 

Well, you need to draw a lot. Start by focusing facial expressions, and dynamic and subtle poses that express personality and mood. This will demonstrate your acting skills and your understanding of body mechanics and physics. Take a character from a series you like and draw them in different poses and emotions. As for software, the industry standard is Toon Boom Harmony. They have free versions that you can download. There are basic online lessons where you can start to learn about a character build and begin to animate! 

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