Scene Assembler

What happens in scene assembly? 

Scene setup is a thorough quality control check before a scene is sent in to be animated. A Setup Artist take assets from the builds and background departments and places them into the scene. These are then cross-referenced to ensure they meet the clients’ requirements. This department also verifies scene composition, makes sure scenes hook up properly and deals with any animation questions that haven’t yet been addressed. Once the scene is ready, it is sent off to animation. 

What type of person could be good at doing scene assembly? 

It’s all in the details! So, someone with a great attention to detail, is good at following direction, problem-solving, and an keen eye for composition make the best Setup Artists. 

How do I get a job in scene assembly? 

Animation experience is always appreciated to help someone in scene setup prepare the shots for the rest of the animation pipeline. A thorough understanding of the rest of the pipeline is also helpful. A demonstrated ability to use Photoshop and work in Harmony is something we look for in a candidate for the department of scene setup.

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