2D Builder

What does a Builder do? 

A Builder takes the character and prop designs and creates 2D puppets that are animatable. The builder must provide each angle of the character or prop that as required in the show. 

What type of person could be good at creating builds? 

A great Builder needs to be a talented artist and a skilled problem solver. Creating a build is sort of like a visual form of programming and a build can be quite complicated! Animation experience is important; to design an effective build, the Builder should know how the animator will be using it.  

How do I become a Builder? 

The main skill in building is being able to draw…really well! So, if you want to get into builds, show off those drawing skills.  

As for software, the industry standard is Toon Boom Harmony. They have free versions that you can download. There are basic online lessons where you can start to figure builds out.

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