2D Layout Artist

What does a 2D Layout artist do? 

Layout is the linework or uncoloured version of the backgrounds. They provide a stage for the characters to animate on. Using the storyboard as the blueprint of the scene and the location’s key line design for reference, a Layout Artist draws the required shot while considering camera placement, mood, perspective and that the cutting matches with both the previous and next scenes. The Layout Artist should always know what the entire space looks like, including what lies behind each of the characters.  

What type of person could be a good Layout artist? 

A Layout Artist needs to be able to handle fluctuating workloads. Some scenes are simple and easy, but some are very intricate and difficult. Therefore, time management is essential. 

How do I become a Layout Artist? 

 To become a Layout Artist, you need to show your mastering of perspective. Draw rooms in your house, your street, or the park. Draw shots that are close, and far away to show your knowledge of what needs detail and what doesn’t. Draw upshots and down shots to push your perspective. 

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