Location Designer

What does a Location Designer do? 

A Location Designer works under the Art Director and designs environments and locations based on the written descriptions in a script or bible. These backgrounds are usually created in an established style based on the needs of the story but from time to time, the Background Designer is asked to contribute to the style development of the show.    

What type of person could be a good Location Designer? 

A good Location Designer is someone who loves to draw their surroundings, or basically, someone who can take a conversation and turn it into artwork. They should also be creative, adventurous, flexible, and able to take direction.   

How do I become a Location Designer? 

Learn to draw in Photoshop. You need to gain an understanding of composition, perspective, structure, design principles and shape language. Create your own locations in different styles and genres. Search for artists you like, study their techniques and apply them to yours. You will eventually develop  your own style.

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