Storyboard Artist

What does a Storyboard Artist do? 

Like building a house, it all starts with a quality blueprint. In animation that blueprint is the storyboard. The board artist receives all the assets, designs, script, props, and locations and with that, will create the first visual template of an episode. A quality Storyboard Artist makes the process that much easier for all departments further down the pipeline. Imagine building a house with bad blueprints. Yikes! 

Who would make a good Storyboard Artist? 

A great board artist is someone who has a lot of experience in many areas and a clear sense of animation, acting, posing, timing, background’s, perspective, story, humour, mood, and cinematography. Of course a beginner may not have all these upfront but can learn them in a Junior position or as a storyboard revisionist. 

How do I become a storyboard artist? 

If you want to become a Storyboard Artist, you need to study the story and the acting. Watch movies and TV, study the shots, and seek to understand why those shots were chosen. Check out director commentaries from those movies and hear from the pros directly. Learn about camera work and which shots and character placements work best to obtain a certain mood. AND DRAW! 

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