Character Designer

What does a Character Designer do?  

A Character Designer works under the Art Director. They work to establish the style of the show and characters based on written descriptions in a “series bible.” This is typically written by a show’s creator or showrunner. In some cases, designers will work from a pre-established design style and adapt any new episodic characters to match the existing ones.   

What type of person could be good at character design?  

A good Character Designer needs to be extremely imaginative and creative and have the ability to draw in multiple styles and genres. They need to be flexible and patient. There are often multiple people chiming in on designs, so it can take several passes to get it right.  

How do I become a character designer?  

A strong portfolio displaying varied styles of character design is essential when applying for jobs as a designer. Try to draw outside your comfort zone by exploring other artists’ styles and then blend what you learn into your own style. Look at shows and try creating new characters in that style to add to your portfolio. It will display how versatile you can be.  

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